Friday, April 16, 2021
Participant Information

Welcome to the Housing Authority of the County of Lebanon (HACL) and its Section 8 Housing Assistance Program. Whether you are new to the Section 8 program or an experienced Section 8 participant, we believe the information presented below will enable you to understand how the Section 8 Housing Assistance program works and to point out your rights and responsibilities as a participating family.

The information on this page is only a brief summary of the Section 8 Program. To obtain a more in-depth explanation of the Section 8 Program we encourage you to consult “A Participant’s Guide to the Section 8 Housing Assistance Program,” which can be found in the Document Library section of this web site.  The complete Participant's Guide explains in detail HACL's policies and procedures regarding tenant selection, leasing a dwelling, security deposits, rent and utilities, inspections, terminations, and other important information.  For a detailed understanding of specific Section 8 rules and regulations you may consult the "Section 8 Administrative Plan" which can also be found in the Document Library.

We are pleased to welcome you to the Section 8 Program and we look forward to a successful working relationship with you. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

  What is Section 8?
  Cycle of Section 8 Participation
  Roles and Responsibilities
  Family Obligations
  Receiving Housing Assistance
  Determining Annual Income
  Calculation Tenant Rent & HAP
  Reporting Changes in Income or Family Composition
  Basic Housing Quality Standards
  Rent Ready Criteria
  Annual Rent Increases
  Change of Ownership
  Lease Terminations
  Fair Housing
  Security Deposits & Fees
  Rent Reasonableness
  Contact HACL